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From John Volanthen <j...@jft.co.uk>
Subject Re: mod_cgi/3689: Multipart mime messages cannot be read properly on NT / Win32
Date Sun, 17 Jan 1999 11:41:25 GMT

marc@apache.org wrote:

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> Synopsis: Multipart mime messages cannot be read properly on NT / Win32
> Comment-Added-By: marc
> Comment-Added-When: Sat Jan 16 10:14:10 PST 1999
> Comment-Added:
> What if you use fread() instead of messing with fileno()
> and accessing the raw descriptor?  Technically, it is NOT valid
> to use fileno() to read from a device that can't seek.


I started off  using fread, this seems to do exactly the same.
Even if I put the read / fread in a loop as below I still only get part of
the post.

TotalRead =0;
    Read = fread(ptmp,1,ContentLength,stdin);
    TotalRead +=Read;

I have now tried using Borland C++ Builder and get exactly  the same
results, so I don't think it's the VC+ libraries

Has anyone ever had the multipart mime stuff working on Win32? is there any
sample code ?? - please.

I have not recently looked through the win32 code for mod_cgi but am about
to, does the handing of multipart mime differ from that of a straight
post?. Is there a limitation on the file sizes which can be "posted" to a
WIN32 console application??

John Volanthen
JF Technologies Ltd
office: 0117 9720332
mobile: 0410 515859

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