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From Michael B.Allen <Michael_B_Al...@ml.com>
Subject mod_jserv/3799: Poor installation documentation
Date Sat, 30 Jan 1999 06:20:51 GMT

>Number:         3799
>Category:       mod_jserv
>Synopsis:       Poor installation documentation
>Confidential:   no
>Severity:       non-critical
>Priority:       medium
>Responsible:    jserv
>State:          open
>Class:          doc-bug
>Submitter-Id:   apache
>Arrival-Date:   Fri Jan 29 22:30:00 PST 1999
>Originator:     Michael_B_Allen@ml.com
Linux 2.0.35
I recieved the following e-mail that I thought you might like to see:

Dear Mr. Allen,

Thank you very much for posting, on October 31, 188,the detailed instructions
on how to install the Apache-JServ. Just by chance I found your instructions.
The "official" JServ sources should be ashamed of themselves for wasting so
much of our precious developer's time.

My first sample Servlet is running. From all of the sources that I tried,
studied, and tried to put into a coherrent sequence of steps, yours was the
only one that was correct and worked and made sense.

You should get the "Apache-JServ Gold Medal" for that, because now I can
finally use JServ.

Annette Strupp-Adams
Senior Systems Analyst
National Library of Medicine

I have to agree with Annette that the installation documentation is a little
confusing. You guys are doing a great job but you're product would benifit
greatly from better installation notes. I noticed the column
"Using Apache JServ 1.0 by Ari Haberstadt"(funny I should mention him in my
document). I would be honored if you put my document "Apache-JServ Quick
Installation" on your website below his. I think people would really
appreciate it and I could show off to my friends that I contributed(he he he).

I have included the document Annette refers to below in the "Do you have
any suggested way to fix?" section. I would be happy provide them in
HTML in a form that would match identically with your existing look.


Michael B. Allen
Research Technology
Merrill Lynch World Headquarters
New York

Apache-JServ Quick Installation by Michael B. Allen

How I Installed Apache-JServ
Sat Oct 31 22:48:06 EST 1998

Aditional Resources:

http://www.blackdown.org -> jdk_1.1.6-v5-glibc-x86.tar.gz
hppt://www.javasoft.com -> jsdk20-solaris2-sparc.tar.Z
http://www.working-dogs.com/daily -> Apache-JServ-19981025.tar.gz
http://www.apache.org -> apache_1.3.3.tar.gz

Read /usr/local/src/Apache-JServ-19981025/INSTALL. This is the primary
guide I used. I also got some _key_ info from Ari Halberstadt's webpage
at http://www1.shore.net/~ari/java/apache-jserv.html. The READMEs and
INSTALL files lack important info and can throw you off because there
are serveral approches. The apache READMEs describes a standard
installation for any apache module. The JServ INSTALL suggests a totally
different approch. Ari's method was also different from both. I followed
the JServ INSTALL method and filled in the blanks from there. Basically
the idea is that you run JServ's ./configure and specify where the apache
source is. It will modify apache's makefiles accordingly. Then you go into
the apache source and run make. The JServ code will automatically be copied
into the apache src tree and compiled in as a module. Then you compile the
JServ java source to produce a jar (not mentioned in INSTALL). Finally,
modify a bunch of directives in files like jserv.properties and httpd.conf
and fire it up.

1. Install Java Development Kit/Java Virtual Machine
	# cd /usr/local
	# tar -xvzf jdk_1.1.6-v5-glibc-x86.tar.gz
	# ln -s jdk116_v5 java
	append /usr/local/java/bin to PATH in /etc/profile

2. Install Java Servlet Development Kit
	# cd /usr/local
	# uncompress jsdk20-solaris2-sparc.tar.Z
	# tar -xvf jsdk20-solaris2-sparc.tar
	# ln -s JSDK2.0 jsdk

3. Install Apache Source
	# cd /usr/local/src
	# tar -xvzf apache_1.3.3.tar.gz
	# mkdir /usr/local/apache
	Note: Don't complile yet.

4. Install Apache-JServ Source
	# cd /usr/local/src
	# tar -xvzf Apache-JServ-19981025.tar.gz

5. Run Apache-JServ configure
	# cd /usr/local/src/Apache-JServ-19981025
	# ./configure --with-apache-dir=/usr/local/src/apache_1.3.3 --enable-apache-conf -prefix=/usr/local/apache

6. Build and Install Apache
	# cd /usr/local/src/apache_1.3.3/src
	# make
	Note: I may have ran make in /usr/local/src/apache_1.3.3. I don't
remember. I think the ./configure script indicated where to run make when
it was finished.
	# make install

7. Build the JServ Java Source
	# cd /usr/local/src/Apache-JServ-19981025/src/java
	# export CLASSPATH=/usr/local/java/lib/classes.zip:/usr/local/jsdk/lib/jsdk.jar
	# make
	# cp /usr/local/src/Apache-JServ-19981025/src/java/apache-jserv.jar /usr/local/java/lib

8. Modify Directives
	# cat /usr/local/src/Apache-JServ-19981025/conf/httpd.conf >> /usr/local/apache/etc/httpd.conf
	# cp /usr/local/src/Apache-JServ-19981025/conf/jserv.properties /usr/local/apache/etc
	# cp /usr/local/src/Apache-JServ-19981025/conf/zone.properties /usr/local/apache/etc
	# touch /usr/local/apache/var/log/apache.jserv.log
	# touch /usr/local/apache/var/log/error_log
	# echo thisissometext > /usr/local/apache/etc/jserv.secret.key
	# mkdir /usr/local/apache/share/servlets
	Then basically go through:
	Modify all the paths to log files, libs, executables to match the
correct locations...etc. I don't think I changed anything in srm.conf.
	Some key directives are:
		wrapper.bin=/usr/local/java/bin/java in jserv.properties
		Note: This must be an absolute path. It was originally set to wrapper.bin=java which didn't
		wrapper.classpath=/usr/local/java/lib/apache-jserv.jar:/usr/local/jsdk/lib/jsdk.jar: in
		LogLevel debug in httpd.conf so you get the most messages while trying to get it to work.

9. Start Apache
	# tail -f /usr/local/apache/var/log/apache.jserv.log
	# tail -f /usr/local/apache/var/log/error_log
	Note: Do this in separate xterms of course, so you can watch.
	# /usr/local/apache/sbin/apachectl start
	Hopefully you will see:
[01/10/1998 00:48:19:067] (INFO) Apache JServ Module is initializing
[01/10/1998 00:48:19:112] (INFO) Apache Module was cleaned-up
[01/10/1998 00:48:19:119] (INFO) Apache JServ Module is initializing
[01/10/1998 00:48:19:132] (INFO) Apache JServ Module is initializing (ap_child)
[01/10/1998 00:48:19:135] (INFO) Apache JServ Module is initializing (ap_child)
[01/10/1998 00:48:19:137] (INFO) Apache JServ Module is initializing (ap_child)
[01/10/1998 00:48:21:128] (INFO) wrapper: watching processes (PID=538,PPID=537,VM PID=542)
[01/10/1998 00:48:21:128] (INFO) wrapper classpath: /usr/local/java/lib/apache-jserv.jar:/usr/local/jsdk/lib/jsdk.jar:
[01/10/1998 00:48:21:128] (INFO) wrapper: Java VM spawned (PID=542|PPID=538)

10. Test to see if it is working
	Point your browser at
	Note: At the moment I cannot specify I had to put in my host.domain.com address.
	Also try,
	Note: You have to flip on security.remote.administration=true in jserv.properties for this
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