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From Trietsch@hyperreal.org, Frank <Frank.Triet...@lhsystems.com>
Subject mod_include/3759: Supporting CGI-variables created by POST for SSI
Date Mon, 25 Jan 1999 12:26:33 GMT

>Number:         3759
>Category:       mod_include
>Synopsis:       Supporting CGI-variables created by POST for SSI
>Confidential:   no
>Severity:       non-critical
>Priority:       medium
>Responsible:    apache
>State:          open
>Class:          change-request
>Submitter-Id:   apache
>Arrival-Date:   Mon Jan 25 04:30:02 PST 1999
>Originator:     Frank.Trietsch@lhsystems.com
>Release:        any
The fix below is for 1.3.4. Lower versions will work the same way.
It would be useful, if one can not only use the default variables given by 
mod_include such as 
but also variables generated by a GET or POST request. With that you might use 
mod_include to determine which HTML pages to include dynamically.

For example:
> http://this.is.a.test/hello_world.shtml?name=hello&language=german

<!--#include "/${language}/${name}.html" -->

will include a file named "/german/hello.html".

Maybe it's not the best way... but it works for me:

static void add_include_vars(request_rec *r, char *timefmt)
#ifndef WIN32
    struct passwd *pw;
#endif /* ndef WIN32 */
    table *e = r->subprocess_env;
    char *t;
    time_t date = r->request_time;
    // added by Frank Trietsch, 24.01.1999
    char *varname, *value;
    char *query;

    ap_table_setn(e, "DATE_LOCAL", ap_ht_time(r->pool, date, timefmt, 0));
    ap_table_setn(e, "DATE_GMT", ap_ht_time(r->pool, date, timefmt, 1));
    ap_table_setn(e, "LAST_MODIFIED",
              ap_ht_time(r->pool, r->finfo.st_mtime, timefmt, 0));
    ap_table_setn(e, "DOCUMENT_URI", r->uri);
    ap_table_setn(e, "DOCUMENT_PATH_INFO", r->path_info);
#ifndef WIN32
    pw = getpwuid(r->finfo.st_uid);
    if (pw) {
        ap_table_setn(e, "USER_NAME", ap_pstrdup(r->pool, pw->pw_name));
    else {
        ap_table_setn(e, "USER_NAME", ap_psprintf(r->pool, "user#%lu",
                    (unsigned long) r->finfo.st_uid));
#endif /* ndef WIN32 */

    if ((t = strrchr(r->filename, '/'))) {
        ap_table_setn(e, "DOCUMENT_NAME", ++t);
    else {
        ap_table_setn(e, "DOCUMENT_NAME", r->uri);
    if (r->args) {
        char *arg_copy = ap_pstrdup(r->pool, r->args);

        ap_table_setn(e, "QUERY_STRING_UNESCAPED",
                  ap_escape_shell_cmd(r->pool, arg_copy));
    // added by Frank Trietsch, 24.01.1999 to parse QUERY_STRING
    if (query = ap_pstrdup(r->pool, r->args))
	varname = strtok(query, "=");
	while (varname)
		value = strtok(NULL, "&");
		ap_table_setn(e, varname, value);
		varname = strtok(NULL, "=");
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