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From "Scott Pollard" <scott.poll...@ventel.net>
Subject Re: os-windows/3800: Apache won't start -- Win98 install appears incomplete -- dirs conf modules and cgi-bin are empty
Date Sun, 31 Jan 1999 00:58:22 GMT
Thanks for prompt reply.

In response --

1.. No, i did a 'typical install', not a 'custom install' and thus I did not
exclude any 'modules'

2.. This is a new machine --there is still 5.5 gig of disk space free -- as
is windoze wont, it's all a C drive, but no matter

3..  I have whatever permissions are set up for a default owner of a brand
new machine

4..  Installed directory -- is as defaulted by your installation wizard
 \ -> program files -> apache group -> apache -> 'whatever'

5..  No error message was given.  Yes, it offered to [and did] display the
'readme'.  Why should I re-install if no error is indicated -- what would
that be expected to achieve?

6..  Maybe the "stupid application" was Adobe Reader which I also downloaded
at the same time then?  It runs fine, and has its registry entries set up OK

7.. Running in a DOS window from the full path C:\Program... etc etc  gives
the error message "could not open document config file ...


7(a)..  but why does the start icon not contain those path parameters??

8..  There are no registry entries for Apache, except for the download
directory I have saved it in [HKLM isn't there at all, so I did a 'find' on
Apache..  Is HKLM maybe an NT thing?]

9..  Before anyone asks, the LOG file is empty.

10..  I note there are a number of other comments and queries in the bug DB
about Win installs failing -- just maybe there's some real problem lurking??
And BTW -- I'm an Apache fan -- in another life I was responsible for
starting a very successful site ( www.itv-f1.com ) running on SGI and
Apache, so I just would like to get my Win98 site running as well !



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Date: 30 January 1999 23:36
Subject: Re: os-windows/3800: Apache won't start -- Win98 install appears
incomplete -- dirs conf modules and cgi-bin are empty

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Synopsis: Apache won't start -- Win98 install appears incomplete -- dirs
conf modules and cgi-bin are empty

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State-Changed-When: Sat Jan 30 11:40:01 PST 1999
While I am not directly aware of anyone confirming Apache
installs on Win98, you should not get this problem. I
suspect if this was common more people would have reported

The installer certainly works on a fresh system, and
includes content for the "modules" and "conf" directory.
The later comes from a program run after installation, but
the former is installed by the installer itself, and
it would be very unusual for it not to be installed (unless
you unselect "Additional Modules" in the custom install).

Are you sure you were not out of disk space, or did
not have permission to write to the install directory?
What actually *is* in the installed directory tree?

Did the installer give any error messages? Did it get
to the end and offer to display the README file? Have
you tried removing the install directory and installing
Apache again?

Note you should not reboot after installing (or
deinstalling) Apache. Nowhere in the install or
documentation does it tell you to reboot (I guess it
won't do any harm, but only stupid application software
should require an OS reboot so Apache doesn't).

To run Apache manually, you need to give it the full
pathname. For example, C:\Apache\apache -d C:\Apache.

To check the registry, look in
\HKLM\SOFTWARE\Apache Group\Apache\1.3.4.

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