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From Dirk-Willem van Gulik <dirk.vangu...@jrc.it>
Subject Full Problem Report Text for PR#2575
Date Fri, 11 Dec 1998 19:41:11 GMT

Any reason why not to commit the change below. It fixes the problem on
AIX and does not seem break Solaris or BSD. 

I must admit that the reason of the ',0)' is beyond me; so I'd prefer to 
ask first.

> >   file http_main.c, line 2978, assertion "old_listeners == NULL"
> >   failed

> we had the same environment (and problem). it seems that ther is a
> problem with the ap_assert macro. after changeing it (see below) 
> and recompile the server starts und runs as expected. 
> in src/include/httpd.h
> change the line (around source line 1000):

	#define ap_assert(exp) (void)( (exp) ||
(ap_log_assert(#exp,__FILE__,__LINE_ _), 0) )


	#define ap_assert(exp) ((exp) ? (void)0 : ap_log_assert(#exp,__FILE__,
hope this helps

Symbols in Solaris 2.7 suck
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