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From Ted Keller <kel...@bfg.com>
Subject Re: general/3301: Severe performance problems under heavy load - not noticed in apache-1.3.1
Date Thu, 05 Nov 1998 22:32:20 GMT

Some additional updates to problem report 3301.

I continued to have performance problems with Apache 1.3.1.  So, I
modified my irix tuning parameters with the recommendations that SGI
publishes for web servers.  This made a minor improvement - but not to the
levels required.  I then reverted all the way back to the Cern proxy
server I used prior to Apache.  Performance took off - much to my surprise
and to the delight of my users.

As you are aware, cern forks when a connection is made to the server.
There is no preforking performed at all.  The algorithm, therefore, is
very simple as to who should listen to the port.  The root server listens,
detects a connection, forks to a child, then loops to listen again.

I see in the apache code (although I'm far from understanding what is
going on here), a negotiation occuring as to which of the active children
should be listening to the incoming port - and when a connection arrives,
who this process should be passed on to.

Certainly, there is a change in behavior between apache 1.3.1 and apache
1.3.3.  Neither of these versions, however, seem to be working effectively
in an Irix 5.3 system.

Please advise - or point me in the direction to better help resolve the


ted keller - bfg.com

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