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From Randy Jae Weinstein <rw...@is7.nyu.edu>
Subject Re: config/3244: Inability to customize error 500
Date Mon, 19 Oct 1998 18:19:11 GMT
Sorry about opening another report, I was unaware you could add to a
closed report.  I guess you can though.

As for the subject, it should have read "Inability to customize error
403", my mistake (kinda tired here).

This report is different.  Let me explain.  Error 500 inability to
customize was do to an error in the htaccess file of a subdirectory. If
the child subdir's htaccess had an error than the standard error message
would be shown.

The Error 403 has to do with a directory being not set as world read (done
on purpose), and then having a default error message instead of the custom
error message.  The 500 Error was fixed do to a change in the later
htaccess file (way it was readin/parsed, I assume), where as the 403 deals
with a directory parsing getting halted.  

If indeed the 500 error fix corrects the 403 error fix, then by all means
delete this PR, however I don't think that is the case.


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