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From eric.r.c...@exgate.tek.com
Subject RE: mod_proxy/3202: High system utilization with v1.3.3
Date Tue, 27 Oct 1998 22:47:34 GMT

I like your idea better.  I was merely trying to fix the symptom.  I am a
system admin and part-time hack.  Is there someone on the Apache team who
will address this problem?

Let me know if/how I can help.  I'm not beyond looking at the code, just
don't know if I'm qualified.



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Sent: Tuesday, October 27, 1998 10:35 AM
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Subject: Re: mod_proxy/3202: High system utilization with v1.3.3

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Synopsis: High system utilization with v1.3.3

Comment-Added-By: marc
Comment-Added-When: Tue Oct 27 10:34:40 PST 1998
While it appears like your diagnosis of the problem is
correct, the patch does make much sense to me.  What
it seems to be doing is simply not doing garbage collection
based on if the response is cachable or not, when it should
move the check for doing garbage collection into the parent
and only fork if necessary.

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