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From Ryan Bloom <rbbl...@us.ibm.com>
Subject Re: config/3281: Unable to get .htaccess to work at subdirec
Date Tue, 27 Oct 1998 15:19:55 GMT

What is your AllowOverride Directive set to?  It sounds like you have it set to
None for your subdirectories, which will cause Apache to not check your
htaccess files.


Mark_.Cousins@sita.int on 10/27/98 07:51:25 AM
Please respond to Mark_.Cousins@sita.int
To: Mark_.Cousins@sita.int
cc: apache-bugdb@apache.org, Ryan Bloom/Raleigh/IBM@ibmus
Subject: Re: config/3281: Unable to get .htaccess to work at subdirec


In reply to your mail I am running version 1.2.5.
I have viewed the error_log when running .htaccess and there are no related
In the accerss_log I get this message:
access_log: GET /markc/xyplex_port.html /HTTP/1.1  304-

Please tell me there is a fix without upgrading  to 1.3 ??????


Many thanks for your advise.

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To:       rbbloom@us.ibm.com
cc:       apache-bugdb@apache.org
From:     Mark Cousins/Northern Europe/London/SITA/WW
Date:     26/10/98 14:00:45
Subject: (Document link not converted)   Re: config/3281: Unable to get
          .htaccess to work at subdirectory level.

As requested reply with Cc address as below.


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To:       apache-bugdb@apache.org, Mark Cousins/Northern
          Europe/London/SITA/WW, rbbloom@us.ibm.com
From:     rbbloom@us.ibm.com
Date:     23/10/98 14:21:24
Subject:  Re: config/3281: Unable to get .htaccess to work at subdirectory

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Synopsis: Unable to get .htaccess to work at subdirectory level.
State-Changed-From-To: open-feedback
State-Changed-By: rbbloom@us.ibm.com
State-Changed-When: Fri Oct 23 07:21:18 PDT 1998
To get the version, run the server with the -v option.
Please let us know what version you are running, and check
the error_log to see if there are any errors about the .htaccess
file.  If you are using a version of Apache earlier than 1.3.0,
we suggest you upgrade to the latest version, which can be
downloaded from www.apache.org.
Thank you for using Apache.



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