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From Lack Mr G M <gml4...@ggr.co.uk>
Subject Re: pending/3259: AuthDBMUserFile - Apache complains 'File not found'
Date Fri, 23 Oct 1998 14:38:36 GMT
   Ok, this was *originally* PR 2809.  I expct that my attempt to
comemnt on a report that wasn't mine resulted in a new call (3259).

   Anwyay, I have tracked down the problem (at least, I;ve tracked down
what was *my* problem).

   When I build perl, I include the GDBM_FIle extension.  So the perl
config end ups including "-lgdbm" in its list of libraries to load.  The
mod_perl config picks this up and uses it for *its* load.

   However, the gdbm libraries include an ndbm interface - the calls are
dbm_open() etc., but the underlyign implementation is a gdbm file.

   Consequently, the mod_perl linking ends up using gdbm for AuthDbm
files (and yess, the gdbm implementation does open a *.pag file

   So, the mod_pelr build needs to get the lgdbm out of the way.  But it
can't, as the loading of libperl.a needs it....

   So, what I did was to run a little script (appended) from within the
apache_1.3.3 directory thus:

   ./preempt-gdbm.pl `find . -name Makefile -exec fgrep -l lgdbm {} \;`

to change all "-lgdm" in Makefile to "-lc -lgdbm".  At least it
works.....   There might be a neater way to do this within the
mod_perl/apapche config - I don't know.

   My personal feeling is that this is a bug in gdbm, for not giving you
the option to not have the ndbm entrypoints in your library.
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