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From "Vyacheslav L. Zavadsky" <zavad...@im.bas-net.by>
Subject Re: general/3085: Access FORBIDDEN where requesting a directory without index.html or /server-info
Date Sun, 27 Sep 1998 12:36:35 GMT
I found the bug. The procedure get_path_info is not thread safe, it uses
errno code. Php while compiling with mysql client, wrongly add -lpthread
to is's module info (this library is not nessessary for mysql client).
When I remove the library  from the list, all works OK. So, I think that
apache group has the followig to problems to fix:
1. Avoid direct using of errno in get_path_info, and generally speaking,
everywhere. (I bet that the current approuch produce several bugs at
heavy loaded WIN32 servers). In any cases, instead of stat (and other
function) must  be used a special  API functions, that returns errno and
get it inside a lock block.
2. If a special handler (like server-info) is assigned to the location,
directory walk and file walk should not be called.

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