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From c...@apache.org
Subject Re: os-linux/2723: HTTPD dies complaining "error getting accept lock"
Date Sun, 27 Sep 1998 16:03:30 GMT
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Synopsis: HTTPD dies complaining "error getting accept lock"

Comment-Added-By: coar
Comment-Added-When: Sun Sep 27 09:03:30 PDT 1998
[Note from another person]
Hoping this gets added to PR 2723.

My system is experiencing the same problem.  The lock file is *not*
on an NFS-mounted volume.

  * System is a 4-CPU P6-200 running SMP-aware Linux 2.0.30. 
  * Apache 1.3.1
  * Compiled with gcc
  * mod_perl 1.15 and mod_ssl (2.06) have been incorporated.
  * The optional rewrite, status, and info modules have been enabled.

I wrote a health monitor to help me pinpoint the spot in the error
log that is closest to the error by tacking some extra entries in
the error_log immediately when it notices that the parent has died
(note the '###' lines below).  The health monitor checks when the
process referenced in httpd.pid disappears, and finally restarts the
server when a connection to port 80 is refused.

For whatever reason, connections would *continue* to be accepted even
though the root process died for a short period (presumably until
children exhaust their request limit), but I haven't investigated
that aspect of the problem.  However, that masked the time that the
parent was exiting since loads of the accept() failures would show
up afterwards until connections were refused.

It appears that the parent is exiting when a child gets a
LOCK_EX failure on the accept lockfile.  The child exits
with APEXIT_CHILDFATAL, which triggers the parent to die
(main/http_main.c:3970).  Since there's a host of things that can
cause children to die (especially with mod_perl thrown in the mix),
this seems like inappropriate behavior.

I'll try to dig in a bit more tomorrow to see if I can figure out
what's up with the accept() problem.  "Bad file number" ain't tellin'
me much.  I haven't figured out what conditions cause it to show
up--it exits pretty randomly through the day.  Our entire site is
delivered via mod_perl content, so I doubt I can test without that.

Jeffrey- If you haven't hacked something up already, I'll send you
         my health monitor/keeper-aliver script.  That'll keep you
         going until the bug's been fixed.

 -Scott Hutton, Information Technology Security Office
                Indiana University
  For PGP Key:  finger shutton@pobox.com ...or...

                      ***** BEGIN error_log ENTRIES *****

[Wed Sep  2 17:46:12 1998] [emerg] (9)Bad file number: flock: LOCK_EX: Error getting accept
lock. Exiting!
[Wed Sep  2 17:46:13 1998] [alert] Child 24684 returned a Fatal error...
Apache is exiting!
### (check_apache) apache root process died at 09/02/98 17:46:26
[Wed Sep  2 17:46:44 1998] ctime.pl: Prototype mismatch: sub Apache::ROOTwww_2eitso_2eiu_2eedu::services::itrack::view_2epl::ctime
($;$) vs none at /usr/lib/perl5/ctime.pl line 50.
[Wed Sep  2 17:48:55 1998] ctime.pl: Prototype mismatch: sub Apache::ROOTwww_2eitso_2eiu_2eedu::services::itrack::view_2epl::ctime
($;$) vs none at /usr/lib/perl5/ctime.pl line 50.
### (check_apache) restarting apache at 09/02/98 21:26:57

                       ***** END error_log ENTRIES *****

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