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From c...@apache.org
Subject Re: os-windows/3014: #1558 not yet fixed in 1.31.
Date Sat, 19 Sep 1998 13:50:19 GMT
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Synopsis: #1558 not yet fixed in 1.31.

State-Changed-From-To: open-feedback
State-Changed-By: coar
State-Changed-When: Sat Sep 19 06:50:19 PDT 1998

1. We don't support Apache on Windows 95.  If it works there,
   great; if it doesn't, oh well.  Just so you know.
2. Please use the version numbers as published; "1.3.1" not
3. When posting bug reports, please give a meaningful
   synopsis, and not just a reference to another report.
4. Try changing the "Alias /cdrom d:/" to "Alias /cdrom/ d:/"
   and see if that makes a difference.

Synopsis-Changed-From: #1558 not yet fixed in 1.31.
Synopsis-Changed-To: Alias to another drive doesn't work
Synopsis-Changed-By: coar
Synopsis-Changed-When: Sat Sep 19 06:50:19 PDT 1998
Release-Changed-From-To: 1.31 Win95-1.3.1
Release-Changed-By: coar
Release-Changed-When: Sat Sep 19 06:50:19 PDT 1998
Category-Changed-From-To: mod_alias-os-windows
Category-Changed-By: coar
Category-Changed-When: Sat Sep 19 06:50:19 PDT 1998

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