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From r..@apache.org
Subject Re: mod_proxy/2890: When using ProxyPass/ProxyPassReverse relative source strings are not parsed.
Date Thu, 10 Sep 1998 08:07:04 GMT
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Synopsis: When using ProxyPass/ProxyPassReverse relative source strings are not parsed.

State-Changed-From-To: open-closed
State-Changed-By: rse
State-Changed-When: Thu Sep 10 01:07:03 PDT 1998
A few hints:

1. > ProxyPass /www_tenfold http://www.10fold.com
   > ProxyPassReverse /www_tenfold http://www.10fold.com
   You should write this with trailing slashes 
   to avoid other problems, i.e.:
   ProxyPass        /www_tenfold/ http://www.10fold.com/
   ProxyPassReverse /www_tenfold/ http://www.10fold.com/

2. > Should the directives if used include the use of altering relative paths like
   > "/images/foo.gif" to "http://www.10fold.com/images/foo.gif"?
   The answer is "no". Because ProxyPass only maps URL
   namespaces and not HTML content. So, when there
   are absolute URLs in the documents referencing
   something aoutside your mapped area you're lost.
   The only solution then is to write a CGI which
   does the document conversion itself. Currently
   for Apache 1.3 there is no way to post-process
   the content.

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