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From John Summerfield <sum...@os2.ami.com.au>
Subject Re: general/2763: More suggestions, really: I've not discovered anywhere else for them
Date Sun, 02 Aug 1998 14:59:50 GMT
On 2 Aug 1998 coar@apache.org wrote:

> As for bundling the bug script: For one thing, doing that
> would not keep you in synch with the latest version of it.
> For another, if you're offline, how would your report reach
> us?  And for a third - the killer - the script needs to
> be on the same system as the bug database, since it frobs
> it directly.

I have a dialup connexion. My computer goes online at 23:00 daily whether
I'm present or nt. At that time, I exchange mail & news, run any pending
ftp requests etc.

frob? can we keep it in English?

Whatever it means, such reports would be improved on any emailed reports
containing whatever the author thinks relevant: judging from usenet
postings, the quality varies greatly, many useless.

If the report's generated on the offending system, you can pick up alsort
of useful information and present it in a standard easily-parsed form.

Presumably, whatever frobbing is, it can be done my the mail script that
receives it.

And if the server's down, well, it just waits in the mail queue as

> These are definitely things worthy of some further thought,
> so I'm suspending this PR for later consideration.  Thanks
> for the note, and for using Apache!
> Synopsis-Changed-From: More suggestions, really: I've not discovered anywhere else for
> Synopsis-Changed-To: mailto tags and bundling bug report script
> Synopsis-Changed-By: coar
> Synopsis-Changed-When: Sun Aug  2 07:34:09 PDT 1998

like my sig!!

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