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From Phillip Pollard <bi...@bears.org>
Subject Re: general/2927: Incorrect logging/possible bug when executing user CGI scripts
Date Sun, 30 Aug 1998 18:50:00 GMT
The following reply was made to PR general/2927; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: Phillip Pollard <binky@bears.org>
To: marc@apache.org
Cc: apbugs@apache.org, bear@bears.org
Subject: Re: general/2927: Incorrect logging/possible bug when executing
 user CGI scripts
Date: Sun, 30 Aug 1998 14:45:34 -0400

 >If you take a look, I think you will find that you installed
 >1.3.1 with suexec.  As outlined very clearly in the suexec
 >docs, scripts must be owned by the user whose home directory
 >they are in or suexec will refuse to execute them and give
 >an error in the suexec log, in the location that you setup
 >when you installed it.
 Thank you for the quick reply.
 Upon further inspection, I am indeed running suexec (I had expected for it to
 be listed in the output of httpd -l, but silly me, it wasn't) So I made a
 stupid mistake, and reported as a bug that was my own fault for running an
 RPM (apache-1.3.1-1.rpm) without fully knowing how it was configured.
 You are correct, it is outlined very clearly in the suexec docs. Two
 sentences comprising the last paragraph buried in the 'Enabling & Disabling
 suEXEC' discuss this concern specifically.
 However I feel that it is outlined very poorly in both the log error and in
 the FAQ. Any sensible search of the documentation will send an average user
 directly to FAQ question #14 'What does it mean when my CGIs fail with
 "Premature end of script headers"?' Which outlines a few ideas but makes no
 mention that Suexec would produce this error.
 Combining the undescriptive error and the matching FAQ response, your
 average user is most likely going to end up at the CGI homepage verifying
 that their headers are perfect and not even remotely considering what may
 be the problem (improper user/gid).
 Perhaps a note in the FAQ or a better log error would be warrented?
 					- Phil
 					- Phillip Pollard

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