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From www_...@cascudo.ipmet.unesp.br
Subject Re: mod_auth-any/2912: DBM user authentication doesn't work.
Date Thu, 27 Aug 1998 19:00:01 GMT
The following reply was made to PR mod_auth-any/2912; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: www_mgr@cascudo.ipmet.unesp.br
To: marcs@znep.com
Cc: apbugs@Apache.Org
Subject: Re: mod_auth-any/2912: DBM user authentication doesn't work.
Date: Thu, 27 Aug 1998 15:48:05 -0200

 Answers to your questions:
 -> What do you mean "doesn't work"?
    The server shows the window asking for an username and a password.
 I write the correct information, but the server returns an Internal
 Server Error (the same error happens when I don't have the DBM file 
 -> What DBM library are you using?
    I'm using the DBM library that comes with the operational system.
 The same procedure was made both in the aix system and in
 then linux system. The dbm files created have the extensions _.pag
 and _.dir
  To be more precise, I will describe the procedures that I made
  in the IBM RS 6000 (aix):
  - I compiled Perl with dbm library (DBM);
  - I executed dbmmanage to create dbm files;
  - I compiled apache to use dbm library;
  - to test, I made the dbm user authentication in this machine and
 it worked well;
  In the PC machine (linux), I executed the same steps described above. 
  As you can see, the problem happens when I create the dbm file in 
 the Risc 6000 and transfer it (ftp bin) to the IBM-PC. This way,
 neither the authentication function, nor the dbmmanage program can
 read the dbm file.
  I've also tried using GDBM library 1.7.3 (both in aix and linux system)
 but the problem persists.

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