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From Eugene Crosser <cros...@average.org>
Subject Re: os-solaris/1190: server processes in keepalive state do not die after keepalive-timeout
Date Sun, 19 Jul 1998 10:41:31 GMT
> This Apache problem report has not been updated recently.
> Please reply to this message if you have any additional
> information about this issue, or if you have answers to
> any questions that have been posed to you.  If there are
> no outstanding questions, please consider this a request
> to try to reproduce the problem with the latest software
> release, if one has been made since last contact.  If we
> don't hear from you, this report will be closed.

The problem did *not* disappear automagically.  I sent all
the information that I thought is relevant, and followed
all advice that I got from the apache team.  So far, it did
not help.  If I can do further investigation, please advice.

So far, the situation is as follows: apache 1.1.x works when
keepalive is used, apache 1.2.x and 1.3.0 *releases* do not
work for me with keepalive.  Although 1.3 betas 3 to 5 do
work.  Currently, I have to run 1.3.0 with keepalive disabled.


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