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From Darrell Schulte <dschu...@facstaff.wisc.edu>
Subject general/2751: Handler problem false, should not be logged.
Date Fri, 31 Jul 1998 16:21:01 GMT

>Number:         2751
>Category:       general
>Synopsis:       Handler problem false, should not be logged.
>Confidential:   no
>Severity:       non-critical
>Priority:       medium
>Responsible:    apache
>State:          open
>Class:          sw-bug
>Submitter-Id:   apache
>Arrival-Date:   Fri Jul 31 09:30:00 PDT 1998
>Originator:     dschulte@facstaff.wisc.edu
>Release:        1.3.1
Linux news2.news.wisc.edu 2.0.34 #10 Sun Jun 14 12:57:01 EDT 1998 i686 unknown
No extra modules.
gcc version
Followup to #2584, July 10 and #2529, June 30.
I noticed that I was getting a similiar logging info in comparision with #2584.  

[Fri Jul 31 10:49:15 1998] [notice] Apache/1.3.1 (Unix) configured -- resuming normal operations
[Fri Jul 31 10:49:30 1998] [warn] handler "msql" not found for: /home/httpd/html/test.msql
[Fri Jul 31 10:49:32 1998] [error] File does not exist: /home/httpd/html/yes.html
[Fri Jul 31 10:49:56 1998] [warn] handler "msql" not found for: /home/httpd/html/index.msql
[Fri Jul 31 10:49:57 1998] [error] File does not exist: /home/httpd/html/yes.html

srm.conf includes:
DirectoryIndex index.msql index.html
AddHandler msql .msql
Action msql /cgi-bin/w3-msql

This setup matches another box running Apache 1.2.6 and which doesn't show this log

For testing, I changed access.conf:
Options Indexes FollowSymLinks Includes
Options Indexes FollowSymLinks

[reference #2529]

No change, as these seemingly "bogus" warnings still appear in the log.


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