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From Koga Youichirou <y-k...@jp.freebsd.org>
Subject Re: mod_include/2741: Handling white space & double quote in SSI is strange (maybe bug).
Date Fri, 31 Jul 1998 03:47:28 GMT
> The correct (and documented) syntax is:
>  <!--#command foo="bar" --> or just
>  <!--#command -->
> Omitting the space at the end or adding it to the front
> may work or may not work in some situations.

Not correct. The mod-include manual says:

  Basic Elements

    The document is parsed as an HTML document, with special commands
    embedded as SGML comments. A command has the syntax: 
          <!--#element attribute=value attribute=value ... --> 
    The value will often be enclosed in double quotes; many commands only
    allow a single attribute-value pair. Note that the comment terminator
    (-->) should be preceded by
    whitespace to ensure that it isn't considered part of an SSI token. 

It is feared that this description causes incorrect settings.

Now I suggest to change a manual description to following:

  <!--#element attribute="value" attribute="value" ... attribute="value" -->
  <!--#element -->

    The value must be enclosed in double quotes and the comment
    terminator must be preceded by whitespace...


-- Koga, Youichirou

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