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From ako...@apache.org
Subject Re: pending/2743: Modules compiled with 1.3.0 wont load in 1.3.1 or later
Date Thu, 30 Jul 1998 16:24:59 GMT
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Synopsis: Modules compiled with 1.3.0 wont load in 1.3.1 or later

State-Changed-From-To: open-closed
State-Changed-By: akosut
State-Changed-When: Thu Jul 30 09:24:58 PDT 1998
You are correct that changing the MODULE_MAGIC_NUMBER for
minor releases is inconvenient for module authors who ship
binary-only modules. This is why we do it as little as
possible; if you'll note, Apache 1.2.0 has the same

However, if you'll note (http://dev.apache.org/mmn.txt has
a list of some of the reasons MODULE_MAGIC_NUMBER has been
changed), API changes has to be made for 1.3.1. These were
changes that should have been in 1.3.0, but we forgot.

Some of these, such as the renaming of functions, do affect
binary compatibility, and any module compiled for 1.3.0
that uses them would not work with 1.3.1. This is why the

However, we are aware of the problem. For now, we can only
suggest you produce a 1.3.1 version of your module and
reccomend your users upgrade to 1.3.1 (the Apache Group
reccomends this as well).

As well, it is a priority for Apache 2.0 to include a
mechanism for ensuring backwards-compatibility for modules
when we make API changes.

Thanks for using Apache.

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