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From r..@apache.org
Subject Re: config/2654: APACI autoconfig generates broken Configure.apaci
Date Wed, 22 Jul 1998 15:46:58 GMT
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Synopsis: APACI autoconfig generates broken Configure.apaci

State-Changed-From-To: open-feedback
State-Changed-By: rse
State-Changed-When: Wed Jul 22 08:46:57 PDT 1998
We are confused because of two things:
Sorry, but

1. There is no plain "...\1..." or such a string
   in APACIs configure script anywhere. We use
   "...\\1..." which is correct and should not
   lead to problems.
2. We tested the stuff under Linux and none of
   our boxes shows the problem.

So either your /bin/echo is broken or there is
another subtle difference between your Linux box
and yours. I've for instance tested under Debian 1.3
and others under RedHat 5.1.

OTOH we cannot easily replace echo by an own
$ECHO in a very protable way because how should
check which echo works fine. Even the -E is not
portable. So please check again your system and
either provide us with more details (exactly
which construct in configure makes the problem)
or try to fix your (perhaps) broken /bin/echo.

Please reply with more information. Thanks.

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