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From r..@apache.org
Subject Re: config/2358: configure --compat option not as compatible with 1.2 as it could be
Date Tue, 09 Jun 1998 12:00:40 GMT
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Synopsis: configure --compat option not as compatible with 1.2 as it could be

State-Changed-From-To: open-analyzed
State-Changed-By: rse
State-Changed-When: Tue Jun  9 05:00:40 PDT 1998
I'm a little bit confused about which particular
paths you mean. Because at least with 1.3.1-dev (and
also for 1.3.0 because there were no changes
in this area) I get the correct layout:

:> ./configure --prefix=/tmp/whatever --compat --layout
Configuring for Apache, Version 1.3.1-dev

Installation paths:
               prefix: /tmp/whatever
          exec_prefix: /tmp/whatever
               bindir: /tmp/whatever/bin
              sbindir: /tmp/whatever/bin
           libexecdir: /tmp/whatever/libexec
               mandir: /tmp/whatever/man
           sysconfdir: /tmp/whatever/conf
              datadir: /tmp/whatever
           includedir: /tmp/whatever/include
        localstatedir: /tmp/whatever
           runtimedir: /tmp/whatever/logs
           logfiledir: /tmp/whatever/logs
        proxycachedir: /tmp/whatever/proxy

Compilation paths:
           HTTPD_ROOT: /tmp/whatever
           SUEXEC_BIN: /tmp/whatever/bin/suexec
      SHARED_CORE_DIR: /tmp/whatever/libexec
       DEFAULT_PIDLOG: logs/httpd.pid
   DEFAULT_SCOREBOARD: logs/httpd.scoreboard
     DEFAULT_LOCKFILE: logs/httpd.lock
      DEFAULT_XFERLOG: logs/access_log
     DEFAULT_ERRORLOG: logs/error_log
    TYPES_CONFIG_FILE: conf/mime.types
   SERVER_CONFIG_FILE: conf/httpd.conf
   ACCESS_CONFIG_FILE: conf/access.conf
 RESOURCE_CONFIG_FILE: conf/srm.conf

As you can see all compiled in paths to specific
files _are_ relative. So, which particular ones
remain which are not reduced to the relative variant?

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