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From "Saccoccio, Robert" <robe...@aiinet.com>
Subject RE: apache-api/2258: The second arg to spawn_child_err() changed from "void (*)(void *)" in 1.2 to "int(*)(void *)" in 1.3
Date Thu, 21 May 1998 20:06:15 GMT
> implementation.  So, third-party modules which use
> spawn_child are going to have to be modified for 1.3
> anyways.  Also, all third-party modules should use
> ap_spawn_child_err_buff to be completely safe on NT.
What's the best way to conditionally handle both 1.2.x and 1.3b6-, 1.3b7+?

I'm actually calling spawn_child(), not ap_spawn_child_err() (like the
apache code referred to below).  spawn_child(), as you mentioned, is a macro
which maps to ap_spawn_child_err().  Its actually the spawn_child() API that
brought this to my attention.  Is that too changing with 1.3b7 (similar to
the change to ap_spawn_child_err())?

> > Additionally, calls to spawn_child() should be changed to
> ap_spawn_child()
> > for consistency with the conversion to the new namespace.  This will
> > require ap_spawn_child() be defined in alloc.h instead of spawn_child()
> > (which should be only in compat.h).  The current approach is
> non-intuitive
> > and sets a bad example.
> Would be nice to do, it's slightly more complex since spawn_child
> is a macro but shouldn't be impossible.  I'll see about doing
> it.
Its not clear to me why it being a macro makes it more complex?

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