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From br...@apache.org
Subject Re: general/1967: Server parent process fails when multiple SIGUSR1's caught
Date Fri, 29 May 1998 01:14:25 GMT
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Synopsis: Server parent process fails when multiple SIGUSR1's caught

Comment-Added-By: brian
Comment-Added-When: Thu May 28 18:14:24 PDT 1998
If the submitter could try the current 1.3b8-dev CVS tree 
(obtainable from http://dev.apache.org/from-cvs/) in a few 
hours when it gets flushed to that directory, and let us 
know if it solves their problem, we would appreciate it.

Or you could simply try applying the patch you'll find


We realize your report is against 1.2.5.  If we have the time
and inclination we may backport it to the 1.2 tree, but I
want to make sure this is the real fix first, so please see
if you get this problem with the 1.3b8 tree.  1.3 is definitely
production-quality code and I would not be afraid to 
replace a 1.2 installation with it.  Once 1.3.0 is
released we will no longer be fully supporting 1.2.x.

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