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From c...@hyperreal.org
Subject Re: mod_cgi/2279: CGI and JAVA
Date Mon, 25 May 1998 14:46:37 GMT
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Synopsis: CGI and JAVA

State-Changed-From-To: open-closed
State-Changed-By: coar
State-Changed-When: Mon May 25 07:46:36 PDT 1998
As the pages that brought you here should have said several
times, this database is for reporting bugs, not for asking
questions about configuration issues.  That said, I don't
know of any reason why a CGI script can't be a Java
application in a shell wrapper.  You may also be interested
in the information available at <http://java.apache.org>.
Thanks for using Apache!
Class-Changed-From-To: sw-bug-mistaken
Class-Changed-By: coar
Class-Changed-When: Mon May 25 07:46:36 PDT 1998
Severity-Changed-From-To: critical-non-critical
Severity-Changed-By: coar
Severity-Changed-When: Mon May 25 07:46:36 PDT 1998
Category-Changed-From-To: general-mod_cgi
Category-Changed-By: coar
Category-Changed-When: Mon May 25 07:46:36 PDT 1998

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