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From Brian Behlendorf <br...@hyperreal.org>
Subject RE: apache-api/2258: The second arg to spawn_child_err() changed from "void (*)(void *)" in 1.2 to "int(*)(void *)" in 1.3
Date Thu, 21 May 1998 20:20:00 GMT
The following reply was made to PR apache-api/2258; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: Brian Behlendorf <brian@hyperreal.org>
To: "Saccoccio, Robert" <roberts@aiinet.com>
Cc: "'apbugs@Apache.Org'" <apbugs@Apache.Org>
Subject: RE: apache-api/2258: The second arg to spawn_child_err()
  changed from "void (*)(void *)" in 1.2 to "int(*)(void *)" in 1.3
Date: Thu, 21 May 1998 13:26:39 -0700

 At 04:06 PM 5/21/98 -0400, Saccoccio, Robert wrote:
 >> implementation.  So, third-party modules which use
 >> spawn_child are going to have to be modified for 1.3
 >> anyways.  Also, all third-party modules should use
 >> ap_spawn_child_err_buff to be completely safe on NT.
 >What's the best way to conditionally handle both 1.2.x and 1.3b6-, 1.3b7+?
 MODULE_MAGIC_NUMBER.  But ideally when 1.3.0 comes out there should be no
 need to support previous beta versions.
 >I'm actually calling spawn_child(), not ap_spawn_child_err() (like the
 >apache code referred to below).  spawn_child(), as you mentioned, is a macro
 >which maps to ap_spawn_child_err().  Its actually the spawn_child() API that
 >brought this to my attention.  Is that too changing with 1.3b7 (similar to
 >the change to ap_spawn_child_err())?
 spawn_child is still available in 1.3b7 (to be released tomorrow).  The
 whole set of spawn_* API calls may be changed before 1.3.0 final though,
 since as
 it stands it's really messy and completely abominable to try and learn (as
 a module author) how to do correctly.  
 In 1.3b7 (and earlier of course) spawn_child is simply a macro on
 ap_spawn_child_err, so yes both are changing.
 What I'd like to do is simply collapse all the different ways of calling
 spawn_child into two functions, "ap_spawn_child" and "ap_bspawn_child", the
 latter to handle the BUFF version.  It would be a cosmetic fix to make
 things easier for module authors.
 pure chewing satisfaction                                  brian@apache.org

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