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From r..@hyperreal.org
Subject Re: mod_rewrite/2055: Can't view image files when using RewriteRule in Proxy mode
Date Thu, 21 May 1998 09:50:13 GMT
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Synopsis: Can't view image files when using RewriteRule in Proxy mode

State-Changed-From-To: open-closed
State-Changed-By: rse
State-Changed-When: Thu May 21 02:50:12 PDT 1998
I cannot access your website , neither through the Name
nor the IP-address. But your problem is not a mod_rewrite
problem. That all works fine for the [R] situation instead
of the [P] situation is clear: A redirect pushes the
browser directly to the hidden server and then no more
proxying is done which can go wrong. For the [P] case
your problem is your random-script. You pass all URLs
through it. I don't know what it does but it has to
read /whatever URLs and output http://randomhost/whatever
URLs. I think it forgets the /whatever part to
append to the output URLs. Please check your radnom
script and make sure the rewriting is done you want
it via the RewriteLog directive. I'm sure your problem
is a problem inside your RewriteMap problem (the random
script). If not, please give us more details about the
script and information where we can try it out again.
Release-Changed-From-To: 1.2.5 (stronghold 2.2)-1.2
Release-Changed-By: rse
Release-Changed-When: Thu May 21 02:50:12 PDT 1998
Severity-Changed-From-To: serious-non-critical
Severity-Changed-By: rse
Severity-Changed-When: Thu May 21 02:50:12 PDT 1998

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