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From r..@hyperreal.org
Subject Re: mod_rewrite/1579: Some length patterns fail with "$", ".*", "[]"
Date Tue, 24 Feb 1998 15:38:46 GMT
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Synopsis: Some length patterns fail with "$", ".*", "[]"

Comment-Added-By: rse
Comment-Added-When: Tue Feb 24 07:38:46 PST 1998
It really isn't a bug in mod_rewrite because at least
under Solaris and FreeBSD I get the correct rewrite.log entries: - - [24/Feb/1998:16:32:03 +0100] [en1.engelschall.com/sid#62034][rid#88034/initial]
(3) applying pattern '^/ccccccc/iiiiiiiii/(.*\.[mM][aA][pP])$' to uri '/ccccccc/iiiiiiiii/test.map' - - [24/Feb/1998:16:32:03 +0100] [en1.engelschall.com/sid#62034][rid#88034/initial]
(2) rewrite /ccccccc/iiiiiiiii/test.map -> /x

As Dean said there is a good chance that
something under Digital Unix is broken, perhaps
their regex library. But we need some more feedback
from the user. Especially if WANTHSREGEX=yes is set.

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