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From ja...@cs.monash.edu.au (Jamie Scuglia)
Subject Re: os-irix/1710: Some image files get corrupted during transfer
Date Wed, 21 Jan 1998 23:47:21 GMT
You write:

=> This appears to be another broken IRIX problem.  It likes to
=> magically corrupt data that is sent because it is dumb.
=> Did you compile with -n32?  If so, don't.  If not, try it.

I tried the -n32 option and it seemed to make no difference.  The
problem also seems intermittant because I tried my "wget" test
loop this morning, and I got essentially perfect results.  I swapped
in the server compiled with the -n32 option, and got bad corruption,
then when I put the old server back in, I started to get lots of corruption
again.  So it seems to be independant on how the server is compiled.

=> Do you have all the SGI patches applied?

Most important ones were installed in November last year, but I'll
have a look for any later ones, especially network specific ones.
I'll report back if any significant developments arise.


- Jamie.

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