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From Emmanuel Dupont <Emmanuel.Dup...@fnet.fr>
Subject Re: general/1626: does no2slash patch *really* solve beck attack ?
Date Tue, 06 Jan 1998 22:01:52 GMT
thank you for responding.  

after some test i got : 

with RewriteEngine off :  No problem
with RewriteEngine on and no rewrite rules : load grows slowly but it grows

Personally i use a 20 entry rewrite map file (flat text) an rewrite rules
	RewriteRule ^/+([^/]+)(.*)       ${map-file:$1|/$1}$2
(this one use first directory as index in map-file)
so my problem is amplified by such regexp trying to match  /'s  and 
"everything but a /" in a 8000 slaches line. 


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