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From Lars Eilebrecht <Lars.Eilebre...@unix-ag.org>
Subject FW: Re: general/1540: Apache stops to respond on virtual interfa
Date Fri, 12 Dec 1997 13:01:03 GMT


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From: Andreas Norman <andreas@dalnet.se>
To: Lars Eilebrecht <Lars.Eilebrecht@unix-ag.org>
Subject: Re: general/1540: Apache stops to respond on virtual interfaces

>>   No, I am not plumbing. Is that necessary, everything looks ok in ifconfig
>>  -a.
>Well, the ifconfig man pages says mentions this.
>But I think I was able to reproduce your problem...
>On a Sparc 5 test machine running Solaris 2.6 I added a virtual interface
>and in the beginning everything worked without problems.
>After pinging both IPs for some time the machine stopped to respond on both
>IPs I configured for the physical interface.

Well for me both interfaces keep responding all the time, only webservers
stop responding.

>This looks like a Solaris bug to me (or we are both doing something
>wrong ;-) and isn't caused by Apache, because Apache wasn't running when
>I tested it.

I have talked to SUN, but they refuse to take this as a bug, they claim it
is Apache thats buggy. Maybe you could ask someone more in the Apache group
to reproduce this. And maybe if one of you people in the Apache group could
notify Sun about this problem since you are probably wellknown to Sun-people
or you have good contact with them. Sun does not listen to what i have to say.

>Please ask in a Solaris newsgroup for help or talk to your vendor
>(maybe there's a patch available).

Will do that to.


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