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From Jeffrey McNany <J...@CC.STATE.AZ.US>
Subject Re: os-sequent/1546: syntax error, line 158, compiling http_main.c
Date Tue, 16 Dec 1997 22:50:00 GMT
The following reply was made to PR os-sequent/1546; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: Jeffrey McNany <Jeff@CC.STATE.AZ.US>
To: dgaudet@hyperreal.org
Cc: apbugs@Apache.Org
Subject: Re: os-sequent/1546: syntax error, line 158, compiling
Date: Tue, 16 Dec 1997 15:41:57 -0700

 Adding the JMP_BUF into conf.h got me a lot further, but I'm still not quite
 there yet.
 Here are the changes I've made.  In the Configure script, I added the
 following lines between the *-isc4*) definition and the *-sco3*) definition:
   OS='Sequent Dynix/ptx'
 In conf.h, I added the following lines right after the "typedef" line at the
 end of the PARAGON definition:
 #elif defined(SEQUENT) || defined(_SEQUENT_)
 #define NO_KILLPG
 #define HAVE_MMAP
 #define HAVE_SHMGET
 #define HAVE_SHMGET
 #define JMP_BUF sigjmp_buf
 When I do the 'Configure' and 'make', I get the following results:
 $ Configure
 Using config file: Configuration
 Using Makefile template file: Makefile.tmpl
 ./helpers/GuessOS: hostinfo: not found
  + configured for Sequent Dynix/ptx platform
  + setting C compiler to cc
  + setting C compiler optimization-level to -O2
 $ make
 	cc -c -Iregex  -O2 -D_SEQUENT_   alloc.c
 	cc -c -Iregex  -O2 -D_SEQUENT_   http_main.c
 	cc -c -Iregex  -O2 -D_SEQUENT_   http_core.c
 	cc -c -Iregex  -O2 -D_SEQUENT_   http_config.c
 "http_config.c", line 680: warning: \a is ANSI C "alert" character
 	cc -c -Iregex  -O2 -D_SEQUENT_   http_request.c
 	cc -c -Iregex  -O2 -D_SEQUENT_   http_log.c
 	cc -c -Iregex  -O2 -D_SEQUENT_   http_protocol.c
 	cc -c -Iregex  -O2 -D_SEQUENT_   rfc1413.c
 	cc -c -Iregex  -O2 -D_SEQUENT_   util.c
 "util.c", line 1175: warning: argument is incompatible with prototype: arg
 	cc -c -Iregex  -O2 -D_SEQUENT_   util_script.c
 	cc -c -Iregex  -O2 -D_SEQUENT_   modules.c
 	cc -c -Iregex  -O2 -D_SEQUENT_   buff.c
 	cc -c -Iregex  -O2 -D_SEQUENT_   md5c.c
 	cc -c -Iregex  -O2 -D_SEQUENT_   util_md5.c
 	cc -c -Iregex  -O2 -D_SEQUENT_   explain.c
 	cc -c -Iregex  -O2 -D_SEQUENT_   http_bprintf.c
 	cc -c -Iregex  -O2 -D_SEQUENT_   util_date.c
 	cc -c -Iregex  -O2 -D_SEQUENT_   util_snprintf.c
 	cc -c -Iregex  -O2 -D_SEQUENT_   mod_env.c
 	cc -c -Iregex  -O2 -D_SEQUENT_   mod_log_config.c
 	cc -c -Iregex  -O2 -D_SEQUENT_   mod_mime.c
 	cc -c -Iregex  -O2 -D_SEQUENT_   mod_negotiation.c
 "mod_negotiation.c", line 1576: warning: initializer does not fit:
 	cc -c -Iregex  -O2 -D_SEQUENT_   mod_include.c
 "mod_include.c", line 1174: warning: end-of-loop code not reached
 "mod_include.c", line 1281: warning: end-of-loop code not reached
 	cc -c -Iregex  -O2 -D_SEQUENT_   mod_dir.c
 	cc -c -Iregex  -O2 -D_SEQUENT_   mod_cgi.c
 	cc -c -Iregex  -O2 -D_SEQUENT_   mod_asis.c
 	cc -c -Iregex  -O2 -D_SEQUENT_   mod_imap.c
 	cc -c -Iregex  -O2 -D_SEQUENT_   mod_actions.c
 	cc -c -Iregex  -O2 -D_SEQUENT_   mod_userdir.c
 	cc -c -Iregex  -O2 -D_SEQUENT_   mod_alias.c
 	cc -c -Iregex  -O2 -D_SEQUENT_   mod_access.c
 	cc -c -Iregex  -O2 -D_SEQUENT_   mod_auth.c
 	cc -c -Iregex  -O2 -D_SEQUENT_   mod_browser.c
 	cc    -o httpd alloc.o http_main.o http_core.o http_config.o
 http_request.o  http_log.o http_protocol.o rfc1413.o util.o util_script.o
 modules.o buff.o md5c.o util_md5.o explain.o http_bprintf.o util_date.o
 util_snprintf.o mod_env.o  mod_log_config.o  mod_mime.o 
 mod_negotiation.o  mod_include.o  mod_dir.o  mod_cgi.o  mod_asis.o 
 mod_imap.o  mod_actions.o  mod_userdir.o  mod_alias.o  mod_access.o 
 mod_auth.o  mod_browser.o regex/libregex.a  
 undefined			first referenced
  symbol  			    in file
 shutdown                            http_main.o
 select                              http_main.o
 htonl                               http_main.o
 gethostbyname                       http_main.o
 gethostbyaddr                       http_main.o
 inet_ntoa                           http_main.o
 accept                              http_main.o
 getsockname                         http_main.o
 setsockopt                          http_main.o
 ntohs                               http_main.o
 socket                              http_main.o
 bind                                http_main.o
 listen                              http_main.o
 htons                               http_main.o
 getpeername                         http_main.o
 initgroups                          http_main.o
 inet_addr                           http_config.o
 connect                             rfc1413.o
 gethostname                         util.o
 writev                              buff.o
 ld fatal: Symbol referencing errors. No output written to httpd
 *** Error code 13
 Make: .  Stop.
 As you can see, I'm almost there.  Got some more ideas?  

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