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From Archimedes Trajano <traj...@yorku.ca>
Subject Re: mod_proxy/1349: Proxy server stops working when there is no route to host
Date Mon, 03 Nov 1997 16:10:51 GMT
> Exactly what happens when you try to connect?  Does it
> refuse the connection?  Does it connect and give an error?
> Does anything at all appear in the access or error logs?
When I receive an log entry on the error_log such as "No route to host",
any further connections using the proxy server will time out on the
client.  (At least from what I see in the log patterns).

> Are you sure this is directly related?
Not 100% sure.  I am just going by error log patterns.

Another thing that does appear occationally on my error_log is 

[Mon Nov  3 11:06:19 1997] [error] server seems busy, spawning 4 children
(you may need to increase StartServers, or Min/MaxSpareServers)

However, I have already increased the server from the defaults to:

MinSpareServers 100
MaxSpareServers 200
StartServers 100

There are less than 10 people using the proxy server.

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