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From r..@hyperreal.org
Subject Re: mod_rewrite/1440: Rewrite has problems with urls such as "http://foo/bar//goo.html" (double //'s)
Date Sun, 23 Nov 1997 11:32:27 GMT
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Synopsis: Rewrite has problems with urls such as "http://foo/bar//goo.html" (double //'s)

State-Changed-From-To: analyzed-closed
State-Changed-By: rse
State-Changed-When: Sun Nov 23 03:32:26 PST 1997
The user really has to problems. First as Dean said /img
cannot match ^/img/(.*) and second //img also cannot
match ^/img/(.*). So 

1. mod_rewrite is correct because it does what the
   has configured. There is no way and no need to
   any automatic "slash-cleanups". mod_rewrite matches
   against the given URL as is (as long it still is not 
   rewritten by a another rewrite rule) 
2. When double slashed can occur the user had to
   change its rewrite rule to ^/+img... as Dean said.
3. When he wants cleanup any double slashes he has
   to do so explicitly, for instance via 
   RewriteRule (.*)//+(.*)  $1/$2  [next]

So, this is not a problem of mod_rewrite. 
Its a matter of correct configuration of the 
rewrite rules. The URL Rewriting Engine can only do
what it is configured to do. And it does not more
and not less...

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