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From br...@hyperreal.org
Subject Re: config/1382: Allowing HostnameLookups commands in .htaccess files
Date Sun, 09 Nov 1997 00:35:24 GMT
Synopsis: Allowing HostnameLookups commands in .htaccess files

Comment-Added-By: brian
Comment-Added-When: Sat Nov  8 16:35:23 PST 1997
1.3b2 now does a double-DNS check when the .htaccess mentions
hostnames, no matter what the HostNameLookups setting is.  
>From the CHANGES file:

  *) mod_access overhaul:
     - Now understands network/netmask syntax (i.e.
        and cidr syntax (i.e.  PR#762
     - Critical path was sped up by pre-computing a few things at config
     - The undocumented syntax "allow user-agents" was removed,
        the replacement is "allow from env=foobar" combined with mod_browser.
     - When used with hostnames it now forces a double-reverse lookup
        no matter what the directory settings are.  This double-reverse
        doesn't affect any of the other routines that use the remote
        hostname.  In particular it's still passed to CGIs and the log
        without the double-reverse check.  Related PR#860.
     [Dean Gaudet]

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