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From dgau...@hyperreal.org
Subject Re: general/1305: Apache is *very* unprotected against characters with 8bit set
Date Thu, 23 Oct 1997 09:10:53 GMT
Synopsis: Apache is *very* unprotected against characters with 8bit set

State-Changed-From-To: open-analyzed
State-Changed-By: dgaudet
State-Changed-When: Thu Oct 23 02:10:52 PDT 1997
Adding (unsigned char) casts everywhere introduces more potential bugs
than it is worth (i.e. it hides other potential signed/unsigned issues).
Any ANSI compiler worth its salt has an option for unsigned chars, gcc
included (-funsigned-char).  Does your patch have other things in it?

And as you mention we'll have a heck of a time doing locale() stuff
on every platform.  Which is why this has not been solved.

But if you're keen on working on it, that's cool, but it needs
to be investigated across multiple platforms... and you should
join the new-httpd mailing list (via majordomo@apache.org).


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