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From c...@decus.org (Rodent of Unusual Size)
Subject Re: general/1247: Main server configuration & VirtualHosts are botched
Date Sun, 19 Oct 1997 14:40:01 GMT
The following reply was made to PR general/1247; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: coar@decus.org (Rodent of Unusual Size)
To: yoshi@parodius.com, APbugs@apache.org, Coar@decus.org
Cc:  Subject: Re: general/1247: Main server configuration & VirtualHosts are botched
Date: Sun, 19 Oct 1997 10:32:40 -0400

 From the fingers of JDC <yoshi@parodius.com> flowed the following:
 >>     In the meantime, try putting these TWO LINES in front of all your
 >>     <VirtualHost> containers:
 >>      LogLevel debug
 >>      NameVirtualHost
     As was pointed out, I phrased this poorly.  I meant "put this in
     your file ONCE, before any <VirtualHost> container," *not* "put this
     in front of EACH <VirtualHost>."  Sorry about the confusion.
 >	This results in quite a lot of logging -- as well as all of the
 >	VirtualHosts working (!!).
     Good.  Can you send along some of the 'lots of logging' messages?
     Are they talking about overlaps?
 >	                           However, there is one catch:
 >	Any hosts defined outside of the <VirtualHost> directive,
 >	such as the default server configuration (ServerName, etc.),
 >	are ignored, and end up bringing up the page for the very
 >	first <VirtualHost> defined.
     Erm, there's only *one* server defined outside the
     <VirtualHost> containers - the default or "main" server.
     Try listing the main server's details inside its own <VirtualHost>
     container, and changing the global ServerName to "localhost".  That
     way, *all* of your working servers should be defined by
     <VirtualHost> blocks, including the main one.
 >	1) Could the mod_status module be written  so that visiting
 >	   a name-based VirtualHost returns ONLY the entries for that
 >	   VirtualHost being visited by outside users? Right now,
 >	   it results in showing *ALL* sites.
     This is work on the table for a future release, but I don't think
     there's a PR for it.
 >	2) Stronghold has the wonderful ability to give additional out-
 >	   put regarding if a HTML file is not found, or other errors.
 >	   An example:
 >File Not Found
 >The requested URL /blah was not found on this server.
 >There was also some additional information available about the error:
 >[Sat Oct 18 11:59:22 1997] access to /var/www/docs/blah failed for albany-pm2-5.dnc.net,
 >reason: File does not exist 
 >	   Could this feature be implemented into Apache? This has got
 >	   to be one of the best features of Stronghold I have seen:
 >	   I guarentee users all over the place would really enjoy
 >	   knowing what the actual error was.
     This was also reported recently.  Would you please enter two
     separate "non-critical" "change-request" PRs for these?  That will
     help ensure that they don't get forgotten, the way private mail
     might or if they're encapsulated inside another PR as they are now.
     Thanks for the additional information; let us know what the log
     messages say and whether the change above helps.
     Oh, and by the way - NameVirtualHost should appear *once* for each
     IP address that has multiple name-vhosts on it, and these
     occurrences of NameVirtualHost should be before and outside any
     <VirtualHost> containers.
     #ken    P-)}

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