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From Lars Eilebrecht <Lars.Eilebre...@unix-ag.org>
Subject Re: protocol/1076: Apache doesn't http-equiv tags?
Date Fri, 29 Aug 1997 21:43:23 GMT
According to Marc Slemko:

>  is for the client to do.  META tags are not designed
>  to set HTTP headers, they are designed (some would say
>  very poorly) to allow some information to go from somewhere
>  to somewhere in some way.  Apache does not and should not
>  parse the contents of the document before sending the
>  headers.

Uhm... in practice, no http servers play with the HTTP-EQUIV stuff
(at least I don't know of any), but you are wrong when you say that
Apache should not parse the contents of META tags.

A snipped from RFC1866:


            binds the element to an HTTP header field. An HTTP
            server may use this information to process the document.
            In particular, it may include a header field in the
            responses to requests for this document: the header name
            is taken from the HTTP-EQUIV attribute value, and the
            header value is taken from the value of the CONTENT
            attribute. HTTP header names are not case sensitive.

        NOTE - The method by which the server extracts document
        meta-information is unspecified and not mandatory. The
        <META> element only provides an extensible mechanism for
        identifying and embedding document meta-information --
        how it may be used is up to the individual server
        implementation and the HTML user agent.


How about 'mod_httpequiv'? :-)

Lars Eilebrecht                           - I have always been crazy,
sfx@unix-ag.org                       - but it kept me from going insane.

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