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From Marc Slemko <ma...@znep.com>
Subject Re: protocol/1076: Apache doesn't http-equiv tags?
Date Fri, 29 Aug 1997 23:24:03 GMT
No, Apache should not.  Yes, that is part of the intent of the tags
(although I have never figured out the full logic behind them), but no it
is not a good idea and is evil and should not be supported no matter what
something says.  Evil.  Something MS would do.

The problem is that it requires the server to parse the body of the
document because the server is too dumb (unlike Apache) to support
settings things other ways.

On Fri, 29 Aug 1997, Lars Eilebrecht wrote:

> According to Marc Slemko:
> [...]
> >  is for the client to do.  META tags are not designed
> >  to set HTTP headers, they are designed (some would say
> >  very poorly) to allow some information to go from somewhere
> >  to somewhere in some way.  Apache does not and should not
> >  parse the contents of the document before sending the
> >  headers.
> Uhm... in practice, no http servers play with the HTTP-EQUIV stuff
> (at least I don't know of any), but you are wrong when you say that
> Apache should not parse the contents of META tags.
> A snipped from RFC1866:
> -snip-
>             binds the element to an HTTP header field. An HTTP
>             server may use this information to process the document.
>             In particular, it may include a header field in the
>             responses to requests for this document: the header name
>             is taken from the HTTP-EQUIV attribute value, and the
>             header value is taken from the value of the CONTENT
>             attribute. HTTP header names are not case sensitive.
>  [...]
>         NOTE - The method by which the server extracts document
>         meta-information is unspecified and not mandatory. The
>         <META> element only provides an extensible mechanism for
>         identifying and embedding document meta-information --
>         how it may be used is up to the individual server
>         implementation and the HTML user agent.
> -snap-
> How about 'mod_httpequiv'? :-)
> ciao...
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