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From Marc Slemko <ma...@znep.com>
Subject list of open PRs
Date Mon, 25 Aug 1997 05:34:26 GMT
 Num Category State    Sypnosis
 139 mod_dir  analyzed AddDescription
 173 mod_prox analyzed ProxyRemote doesn't seem to work for https
 314 mod_prox analyzed Truncated (short/invalid) files are proxy-cached. Ought 
 330 mod_auth feedback Auth_MSQL
 378 protocol analyzed Wrong behavior on an OPTIONS request
 379 config   analyzed <Files> within <Directory> or <Location> directive?
 467 config   open     possible starved listening sockets -- httpd stops respon
 482 os-hpux  analyzed OS Regex seems to be broken - need to set WANTHSREGEX=ye
 484 general  feedback Error Code 304
 542 os-solar open     accept: Too many levels of remote in path
 543 mod_cgi  open     "%2F" not allowed in VGI script PATH_INFO
 570 mod_rewr analyzed ReWriteEngine On not inherited from general server confi
 589 mod_prox analyzed Proxy caches error also
 592 general  open     httpd exits on Signal 11 in inted mode after keep alive 
 603 general  analyzed Incorrect return values in mod_example
 622 mod_auth feedback gdbm user authentifcation not functioning
 626 mod_auth analyzed mod_auth_anon requires AuthUserFile (plus a doc bug)
 668 mod_prox analyzed Two problems with user:password@host URLs
 671 mod_prox analyzed server access restrictions apply to proxy requests
 674 mod_cgi  feedback Environment variable REMOTE_USER not being set.
 684 config   feedback broken compilation of utils from support directory
 686 general  analyzed "couldn't spawn child process" on a moderately busy webs
 687 mod_prox analyzed directory cache full of persistent tmpxxxxxx files
 692 general  analyzed HTTP server process (child) dies for bad requests with S
 697 mod_incl analyzed A security tweak I've been using for a few years for SSI
 700 mod_prox open     command interpretation
 704 general  feedback VirtualHost relative paths are being over-ridden by glob
 708 document analyzed DBM autorization not working.
 738 config   analyzed failed install of IndexWidth.patch for apache 1.2.0
 747 mod_prox open     Proxy caches documents even if transmission was interrup
 750 protocol feedback pdf files won't display in acrobat 3.0 plugin in Netscap
 754 general  open     GMT timestamps sometimes falsely claim to be PDT
 761 mod_stat analyzed server-status displays zero values for SS Conn Child Slo
 771 mod_prox open     tmpXXXXX files left behind in top-level proxy-cache dire
 772 mod_auth feedback Satisfy ignores <Limit> context
 783 config   open     RLimitMEM, RLimitCPU, hard limit ignored when userid is 
 784 mod_incl analyzed IncludesNOEXEC prohibits execution of Action in <!--#inc
 793 general  open     RLimitCPU and RLimitMEM don't apply to all children like
 794 mod_dir  analyzed Authentication performed multiple times when searching f
 800 general  analyzed umlaut o () in a URL doesn't work
 821 config   feedback Virtual Hosts index.html not found
 822 mod_prox open     errors writing and linking to cache-files
 832 general  analyzed sending a kill -HUP to httpd will cause it down.
 849 os-aix   analyzed Serialized accepts (USE_FCNTL_SERIALIZED_ACCEPT) for AIX
 866 config   analyzed Compile error in http_core.c, function set_rlimit()
 867 config   analyzed satisfy tag in .htaccess allows access from all
 870 mod_prox analyzed ProxyPass is not handled if the local path is an existin
 872 config   analyzed error message beginning with "accept: (client socket):..
 878 os-aix   analyzed Server stops responding when a socket gets stuck in the 
 885 general  analyzed After a period of time (not found to coincide with serve
 890 mod_prox analyzed Proxy doesn't work offline if I reload the document
 891 mod_prox open     gcc -Wshadow warnings in proxy
 894 mod_cgi  analyzed Last-Modified headers from CGIs are not considered for I
 895 apache-a open     no interface for ETag support
 897 config   analyzed Possible Starving Sockets issue.  In same conf 1 virtual
 899 config   analyzed Compilation error on SCO OSES Platform
 900 os-sco   feedback Unable to locate  library libcrypt_i.a  on SCO OSES plat
 903 mod_acce feedback .htaccess files in subdirectories ignored
 905 other    open     htdigest will not compile (ap_signal)
 909 config   analyzed Configuration does not handle spaces in filenames proper
 921 suexec   analyzed Uses cwd before filling it in, doesn't use syslog
 922 config   open     it is useful to allow specifiction that root-owned symli
 924 general  open     If port is busy, Apache processes do not completely die
 925 mod_alia open     Redirect directive doesn't seem to work
 939 os-windo feedback Error in CGI application when using ODBC
 941 os-solar analyzed Problems in source code when using Sun's CC
 942 mod_mime analyzed Inconsistent and improper communication with Netscape br
 944 mod_prox feedback Proxy don't working
 951 mod_cgi  feedback Cgi with tcp sockets don't works
 953 config   feedback Migrating from 1.1.3 -> 1.2.1 breaks all my _NON_ virtua
 955 mod_incl open     Times (LAST_MODIFIED, DATE_LOCAL, flastmod) not observin
 958 os-ultri open     alloc.c and mod_dir.c have problems with incompatible po
 960 mod_user analyzed /~user/ gives error to users of older browsers
 963 mod_info analyzed The data under the section 'Current Configuration' does 
 968 document analyzed NCSA incompatibility -- no access control by referer
 974 mod_prox feedback ProxyRemote: "Could not connect to remote machine"
 975 document analyzed VirtualHost definitions with ports other than the defaul
 976 mod_log- open     CustomLog does not log 5xx series of errors
 977 config   analyzed Won't compile - http_main.c:158: syntax error before `jm
 980 mod_prox analyzed Controlling Access to Remote Proxies would be nice...
 981 protocol analyzed Error message in error_log
 982 general  analyzed 1. NO_SLACK bug. 2. server doesn't invite
 986 os-solar analyzed Apache 1.2.0 works.  1.2.1 connects but never returns a 
 987 os-linux open     PR 588 not fixed under Linux 2.0.30 kernel
 991 mod_rewr analyzed Fatal error if RewriteMap file doesn't exist even when R
 994 mod_prox open     Adding authentication "on the fly" through the proxy mod
1000 os-hpux  analyzed second sighup stop's server
1001 suexec   open     Potential group security hole with suexec
1003 document open     document new serialization options and implications
1004 apache-a open     request_config field in request_rec is moderately bogus
1007 document open     mod_unique_id needs documentation
1008 document open     MMAP_THRESHOLD, MMAP_SEGMENT_SIZE need documenting
1010 mod_mime open     AddType's interaction with browser caches can be confusi
1014 protocol open     Please, use Content-Location: header?
1018 mod_user open     Patch to change user directory URL specification
1022 os-linux open     httpd starts successfully but does not respond on reques
1024 mod_prox open     SSL CONNECT does not work, when ProxyRemote is used.
1028 other    open     DoS attacks involving memory consumption
1029 mod_rewr open     RewriteMap programs don't work on FreeBSD
1030 general  open     Apache will crash if cgi-bins are called with parameters
1031 mod_nego analyzed Content negotiation don't work with error documents
1036 document open     Documentation only describes new installation, not upgra
1037 mod_incl open     exec cmd not working for virtual hosts
1041 general  analyzed Premature end of script headers
1042 os-windo open     Apache requires MS Visual C++ 5.x+
1043 config   analyzed GuessOS; edits to Configure & Configuration
1044 document analyzed missing includes & inappropriate prototypes
1045 os-linux open     compiling problem...
1047 mod_incl open     <!--#echo var="LAST_MODIFIED" --> returns incorrectly fo
1048 document open     Bad links in Apache HTML documentation
1049 general  open     'software' VirtualHost do not work with portnumber diffe

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