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From Marc Slemko <m...@hyperreal.org>
Subject Re: mod_cgi/978: mod_cgi incorrectly returns 302 when parsing headers
Date Thu, 07 Aug 1997 19:48:09 GMT
Synopsis: mod_cgi incorrectly returns 302 when parsing headers

State-Changed-From-To: open-closed
State-Changed-By: marc
State-Changed-When: Thu Aug  7 12:48:08 PDT 1997
I'm not sure how you are reading the RFC that way.
If a _client_ gets a 302 for a post, it should use
the new location with the same method.  Some clients
are buggy and use a GET instead of a POST.  They should
use a POST.  The spec does not say that the server
has to use a 303, only that if it _does_ use a 303
then the client _must_ use a GET.

This part of the spec is still under some discussion
and, as you have discovered, most browsers don't
implement 303 properly.  The bugs are in the clients.

If you want your script to output a 303, simply have
it print something like:

Status: 303 bwack

and Apache will use that response code.

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