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From "Pedro R3 Junior" <25...@hades01.stj.gov.br>
Subject Re: mod_proxy/858: Proxy return the dummy URL in the real network
Date Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 GMT

 The problem IS in version 1.2 of Apache.
 Apache proxy runs like a redirect directive in a FORM
SUBMIT command.
 I make three new tests:

 1. Compile Apache with SOCKS4 support
  The error continues.

 2. Put Apache in a internal machine without SOCKS support
  The error continues.

 3. Compile Apache 1.1.3 with SOCKS5 support (external)
  This runs very well.

 Then, I can suppose the problem IS in the mod_proxy of
1.2 versions of Apache.

 Pedro R3 Junior  
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