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From br...@hyperreal.org
Subject Re: suexec/741: Apache fails to find and use suexec
Date Mon, 21 Jul 1997 04:58:51 GMT
Synopsis: Apache fails to find and use suexec

Comment-Added-By: brian
Comment-Added-When: Sun Jul 20 21:58:50 PDT 1997
There are no functional or code differences between 1.2b11
and 1.2.0 - if you are seeing a difference it is probably
due to a compilation error.  A very common mistake is to
forget to #define SUEXEC_BIN, for example setting

EXTRA_CFLAGS= -DSUEXEC_BIN="\"/path/to/executable/suexec\""

in the Configuration file, running ./Configure, then make.

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