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From Ken Kempster <kemps...@ibm.net>
Subject RE: general/693
Date Thu, 19 Jun 1997 02:56:34 GMT
OK.  I got it to compile and it seems to be functioning good.

This is what I needed to do:

1)  Copy the libport.a archive to /usr/local/lib
      For some reason,  the install of bind8.1 did not
      copy it there
2)  did a ranlib on /usr/local/lib/libport.a
3)  did an ldconfig just for the hell of it
4)  added -lbind -lport to the EXTRA_LIBS

After doing the above,  I was able to build Apache 1.2.0
on SunOS4.1.4 with Bind 8.1 installed...

thanx for all your help...

On 18-Jun-97 Dean Gaudet wrote:
>Well maybe try adding -lport too ... I'd really like to know what those
>ISC folks were thinking with bind 8.1.

Ken Kempster     Network Systems Engineer
E-Mail: Ken Kempster <kempster@ibm.net>
Date: 18-Jun-97
Time: 22:56:36

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