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From William Sommers <somm...@sfo.com>
Subject Re: general/704: VirtualHost relative paths are being over-ridden by global Alias paths
Date Mon, 23 Jun 1997 18:17:27 GMT
On Mon, 23 Jun 97 15:43:26 PDT, I wrote:

 >> Are you saying that if someone accesses http://vhost/images/foobar.gif
 >> it does the wrong thing? 

 > Exactly.  *IF* the URL is specified by *relative* path
 > "images/foobar.gif" within the site's HTML.  If the HTML is coded
 > using full http:// URLs instead of relative paths, all works fine.

My apologies -- this last sentence is incorrect.

I have set up a rudimentary site which should demonstrate the differences 
in behavior:


They are one and the same.  I have included links to both srm.conf and 
httpd.conf, so that you can inspect things yourself.

 uniquename is an Alias in srm.conf
 uniquename2 is not

(Please let me know when you feel you no longer need that up -- it is, as 
you'll see, a live server and in my haste I've exposed items which would 
not normally ever be visible to non-staff.)

 William Sommers
 San Francisco Online
 Televolve, Inc.

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