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From c...@hyperreal.com
Subject Re: documentation/708: DBM autorization not working.
Date Sun, 29 Jun 1997 13:53:03 GMT
Synopsis: DBM autorization not working.

Comment-Added-By: coar
Comment-Added-When: Sun Jun 29 06:53:03 PDT 1997
[copy of mail message from original author]

I compiled the server originally with mod_auth_dbm.c instead of
mod_auth_db.c.  When you use mod_auth_dbm.c,  and -lgdbm, you need to to
add a use "use GDBM_File" in dbmmanage to create the database file, which
will have no extension, then HARD symbolic link it to databasefile .pag and
.dir to get it to work.

I solved all problems by recompiling with mod_auth_db.c , -lndbm and
leaving dbmmanage untouched.

I suggest that this entire process is explained more clearly or rethought.
I think the docs could be a little more complete in explaining the DBM GDBM
NDBM dilemna.  Also, what would REALLY help is an a little bit more
diagnosis in the error files.  The messages you get in ther server logs are
completely unhelpful.  I had no idea what the problem was.  See below for
log entry:

[Mon Jun  9 12:55:19 1997] access to /home/httpd/users failed for
xx.xx.xx.xx, reason: could not open dbm auth file

thank you,

-Jeff Ellermeyer
Release-Changed-From-To: apache_1.2b10-1.2b10
Release-Changed-By: coar
Release-Changed-When: Sun Jun 29 06:53:03 PDT 1997

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