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From Tim Baverstock <warw...@mmm.co.uk>
Subject mod_include/784: IncludesNOEXEC prohibits execution of Action in <!--#include virtual -->
Date Wed, 25 Jun 1997 17:20:01 GMT

>Number:         784
>Category:       mod_include
>Synopsis:       IncludesNOEXEC prohibits execution of Action in <!--#include virtual
>Confidential:   no
>Severity:       serious
>Priority:       medium
>Responsible:    apache (Apache HTTP Project)
>State:          open
>Class:          sw-bug
>Submitter-Id:   apache
>Arrival-Date:   Wed Jun 25 10:20:01 1997
>Originator:     warwick@mmm.co.uk
>Release:        1.2(final)
Linux stoat.mmm.co.uk 2.0.18 #1 Tue Sep 10 10:15:48 EDT 1996 i486
(not that it matters)
While trying to support random banners with links, I added this to srm.conf:
AddType application/x-multi-img-link .links
Action application/x-multi-img-link /cgi-bin/multilink

This to something.html (which is chmod 755, with XBitHack on):
<!--#include virtual="something.links" -->

Some stuff to something.links (contents irrelevant)
Some stuff to /cgi-bin/multilink (contents irrelevant; /cgi-bin is ScriptAliased)

If .htaccess contained Options Includes, something.html behaved as expected.
If .htaccess contained Options IncludesNOEXEC, the inclusion of something.links
failed, because it's a `potential exec' according to logs/error_log.
I even tried .htaccess with Options IncludesNOEXEC ExecCGI, which failed too.

If I used <!--#include virtual="/cgi-bin/multilink/something.links" -->, it
worked fine even with IncludesNOEXEC, but I wanted to avoid having to type
pathnames all over the place.

I don't see what IncludesNOEXEC has got to do with the <!--#include -->
directive, when it's clearly called no*EXEC* - surely it should only have
jurisdiction on <!==#exec -->?

I also can't really see what security advantage there is in being able to
prohibit the Script-type calling of a cgi-bin, when the same call made
explicitly is permitted.

The response to report 697 seems to imply what I'm trying should work:
> State-Changed-By: marc
> I _think_ the intent is for people to use include virtual
> instead of exec for that; even when IncludesNOEXEC is 
> enabled, include virutal can currently still include a
> script in a ScriptAliased CGI directory.  The documentation
> seems to be a bit odd though, and it doesn't work for
> scripts executed as CGIs outside ScriptAlised directories.

But the docs state that:
#  include                                                             
#          This command inserts the text of another document or file into
#          the parsed file. Any included file is subject to the usual     
###        access control. If the directory containing the parsed file has
###        the Option IncludesNOEXEC set, and the including the document
###        would cause a program to be executed, then it will not be      
###        included; this prevents the execution of CGI scripts. Otherwise
#          CGI scripts are invoked as normal using the complete URL given
#          in the command, including any query string.                   

..which seems to flatly contradict the response to 697, and what happens in 

Perhaps there was confusion over whether the `EXEC' in `NOEXEC' meant the
<!--#exec --> directive, or EXECuting things generally?
I believe there's enough information in the description to recreate the problem.
Restrict IncludesNOEXEC's authority to the <!--#exec --> directive, where it
presumably started out (freeing include virtual), and if need be introduce 
IncludesNOVIRTUAL and/or IncludesNOVIRTUALCGI to specifically (and 
consistently) support the behaviour described in 697

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