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From Tino Wildenhain <wilde...@RZ.PH-Erfurt.DE>
Subject Re: mod_negotiation/94
Date Fri, 30 May 1997 16:20:02 GMT
The following reply was made to PR mod_negotiation/94; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: Tino Wildenhain <wildenht@RZ.PH-Erfurt.DE>
To: Paul Sutton <paul@ukweb.com>
Subject: Re: mod_negotiation/94
Date: Fri, 30 May 1997 15:56:17 +0100

 Am 30-Mai-97 schrieb Paul Sutton:
 >On Sun, 6 Apr 1997, Marc Slemko wrote:
 >>  No Accept: -> browser gets the default 
 >>  Accept: de    browser gets german
 >>  Accept: de,en,*  browser gets german if possible or en, or ...
 >>  Accept: de,*  browser gets englisch hu? schould not be, what?
 >>  Current Configuration: 
 >>    LanguagePriority de en fr 
 >>  but now we can live with it.
 >This is an old bug report, but still open in the bug database. 
 >The LanguagePriority header has no effect if the request includes an
 >Accept-Language: header. This is because under HTTP/1.1 Accept-Language
 >can include priority values (q=X) for each language. It would be difficult
 >to sensibly merge the explicity q values with implicity LanguagePriority
 but the server should correctly handle the * value, and give the 
 next matching language back.
 The current behavior leeds into confusion by the user, if he has 
 the browser configured this way: de,en,* (or includet the * in any way)
 >>  the vary-maps dont work at all, I ve set up a test with
 >>  a file picture.gif (62079 bytes) and a file picture.jpg (22578 bytes)
 >Do you have the file size listed in the type map itself? If a type map is
 >used, Apache will not get any information from the file itself(*), so put
 >the size into the type map (using Content-Length: lines). 
 >Also HTTP/1.1 no longer defines the maxbytes parameter, so do not expect
 >browsers to send it. However Apache should still honor it if it is
 >present. If your type-map does include sizes and either the maxbytes is
 >being ignored, or the smallest most-acceptable variant is not being
 >selected, send a copy of your type-map so we can have a look at the
 Ok, here the file:
 URI: pce500
 URI: pce500.jpg
 Content-type: image/jpeg; qs=0.1
 Content-lenght: 22578
 URI: pce500.gif
 Content-type: image/gif; qs=0.1
 Content-Length: 62079
 the File can be found at http://www.ph-erfurt.de/other/pce500.var
 >(*) Actually Apache will use the information from the file when it returns
 >the file in the response, which can lead to inconsistency, but this is a
 >whole different problem. 
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