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From c...@decus.org (Rodent of Unusual Size)
Subject Re: os-sunos/454:
Date Tue, 27 May 1997 18:00:02 GMT
The following reply was made to PR os-sunos/454; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: coar@decus.org (Rodent of Unusual Size)
To: apbugs@apache.org, Coar@decus.org
Subject: Re: os-sunos/454:
Date: Tue, 27 May 1997 12:47:07 -0400

 [Message from customer entered as PR#625; text moved here since it's
 about this PR].
 (hope this goes to the right list.  this is regarding PR#454 which i
 filed a few months ago.)
 i upgraded to Apache 1.2b10 and removed one of the two processors on
 the machine.  it crashed within 24 hours.
 if there is anything i can do to help debug the situation, please let
 me know.  this problem has been consistent since 1.2b8 -- 1.2b7 seemed
 somewhat more stable but still had the problem.
 BAD TRAP: cpu=0 type=9 rp=f0bbdd54 addr=20 mmu_fsr=326 rw=1
 MMU sfsr=326: Invalid Address on supv data fetch at level 3
 regs at f0bbdd54:
         psr=404000c7 pc=f001d37c npc=f001d380
         y: 0 g1: f001d370 g2: 8000000 g3: ffffff00
         g4: 0 g5: f0bbe000 g6: 0 g7: 0
         o0: 2 o1: f0bbde04 o2: 47000 o3: 44000
         o4: 1000 o5: fb097738 sp: f0bbdda0 ra: 1000
 pid 27029, `httpd': Data access exception
 kernel read fault at addr=0x20, pme=0x0
 MMU sfsr=326: Invalid Address on supv data fetch at level 3
 rp=0xf0bbdd54, pc=0xf001d37c, sp=0xf0bbdda0, psr=0x404000c7, context=0x270
 g1-g7: f001d370, 8000000, ffffff00, 0, f0bbe000, 0, 0
 Begin traceback... sp = f0bbdda0
 Called from f005796c, fp=f0bbde00, args=1 ff65f70c 6 1 f0bbdeb0 200
 Called from f005a6cc, fp=f0bbde60, args=ff65f70c 6 1 ff651a00 0 ff651a00
 Called from f0112d68, fp=f0bbdec0, args=f0bbdfe0 348 f017ea50 f080bb18 ff651a00 f0bbdfe0
 Called from f0005cd0, fp=f0bbdf58, args=f0bbe000 f0bbdfb4 f0bbdfe0 f0bbe000 f0bbe000 f0bbdfb4
 Called from 50cc, fp=effffad8, args=6 6 1 effffb3c 4 f0bbdfb4
 End traceback...
 panic on cpu 0: Data access exception
 syncing file systems... done
 02560 low-memory static kernel pages
 02572 additional static and sysmap kernel pages
 00000 dynamic kernel data pages
 01096 additional user structure pages
 00000 segmap kernel pages
 00000 segvn kernel pages
 00424 current user process pages
 01200 user stack pages
 07852 total pages (1963 chunks)
 dumping to vp fb0039ec, offset 248760
 Bob Ramstad                           | 222 Third Street, Suite 174
 Banta NFIC                            | Cambridge, MA  02142
 http://www.nfic.com/                  | voice (617) 497-6811 x112
 info@nfic.com                         | FAX   (617) 441-9265

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